Water (Surface Water and Groundwater)

Water (Surface Water and Groundwater)

Please note: The information brochures and video presentations on this page provide a summary and overview of the full technical studies detailed in the EES.


Site Surface Water

Regional Surface Water

Appendix A006 Groundwater and Surface Water Impact Assessment

Appendix A006 (Appendix A): Conceptual Surface Water Management Strategy and Water Balance

Appendix A006 (Appendix B): Groundwater Modelling Report

Appendix A006 (Appendix C): Landscape Stability and Sediment Transport Regime Assessment

Appendix A006 (Appendix D): Geochem Testing of Fingerboard Tailings and Overburden

Appendix A006 (Appendix E): Surface Water Assessment – Site Study

Appendix A006 (Appendix F): Surface Water Assessment – Regional Study

Appendix A006: (Appendix G - L): Appendix A006: Appendix G – L Groundwater and Surface Water Impact Assessment Data Sheets

Video Presentation on Groundwater

Video Presentation on Site Surface Water

Video Presentation on Regional Surface Water