Download the EES

Download the EES

All the EES and related documents can be viewed on or downloaded, from this page.

The full set of EES documents are available in PDF format below, with chapters also available in Word (docx) format.

If you have accessibility issues or where electronic options are impracticable, there are alternative ways that you can access the EES documents.

We recommend that you read the Summary Report first, then refer to the digital presentations and information brochures on key Technical Studies before deep diving in to the full EES.

Individual EES Documents

Summary Report

Map Book

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – Project rationale

Chapter 3 – Project description

Chapter 4 – Project alternatives

Chapter 5 – Regulatory framework

Chapter 6 – Stakeholder consultation

Chapter 7 – Environmental and social impact assessment framework

Chapter 8 – Environmental and socioeconomic context

Chapter 9 – Environmental and socioeconomic impact assessment

Chapter 10 – Matters of National Environmental Significance

Chapter 11 – Closure

Chapter 12 – Environmental Management Framework

Chapter 13 – Conclusion

Chapter 14 – Glossary

Chapter 15 - References

Attachment A – Environment Effects Statement Scoping Requirements Cross Reference

Attachment B – Draft Work Plan

Draft Planning Scheme Amendment

1. Explanatory Report

2. Instruction Sheet

3. East Gippsland C156egip 001scoMap27 Exhibition

4. East Gippsland C156egip 002scoMap48 Exhibition

5. East Gippsland C156egip 003scoMaps28_30 Exhibition

7. Schedule to Cl 45.12

8. Schedule to Cl 72.03

9. Schedule to Cl 72.04

10. List of Amendments

11. Incorporated Document

Attachment D – EPA Works Approval Application

Attachment D – EPA Works Approval Application Appendix A - J

Attachment E – Biodiversity Offset Management Strategy

Attachment F – Risk Report

Attachment G – Consultation and Stakeholder Engagement Report

Attachment H – Mitigation Register

Attachment I – Water Independent Peer Review Report and Proponent Response

Attachment J – Air Quality Independent Peer Review Report and Proponent Response

Attachment K - Rehabilitation Independent Peer Review Report and Proponent Response

Appendix A001 – Landform, Geology and Soils Investigation

Appendix A002 – Geochemistry and Mineralogy Summary Report

Appendix A003 – Geotechnical Assessment

Appendix A004 – Glenaladale Starter Pit Preliminary Geotechnical Investigation

Appendix A005 – Detailed Ecological Investigations

Appendix A006 Groundwater and Surface Water Impact Assessment

Appendix A006 (Appendix A): Conceptual Surface Water Management Strategy and Water Balance

Appendix A006 (Appendix B): Groundwater Modelling Report

Appendix A006 (Appendix C): Landscape Stability and Sediment Transport Regime Assessment

Appendix A006 (Appendix D): Geochem Testing of Fingerboard Tailings and Overburden

Appendix A006 (Appendix E): Surface Water Assessment – Site Study

Appendix A006 (Appendix F): Surface Water Assessment – Regional Study

Appendix A006: (Appendix G - L): Appendix A006: Appendix G – L Groundwater and Surface Water Impact Assessment Data Sheets

Appendix A007 – Water Supply Options Study: Technical Groundwater Assessment

Appendix A008 – Water Supply Options: East Gippsland/Mitchell River Concept Design and Investigation

Appendix A009 – Stage Two Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Assessment

Appendix A010 – Noise and Vibration Assessment

Appendix A011 – Radiation Assessment Report

Appendix A012 – Traffic and Transport Impact Assessment

Appendix A013 – Land Use and Planning Impact Assessment

Appendix A014 – Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment

Appendix A015 – Agriculture Impact Assessment

Appendix A016 – Horticulture Impact Assessment

Appendix A017 – Cultural Heritage Impact Assessment

Appendix A018 – Socioeconomic Impact Assessment

Appendix A019 – Human Health Risk Assessment

Appendix A020 - Rehabilitation

Appendix A021 – Soil Profile Reconstruction Study 1

Appendix A022 – Soil Profile Reconstruction Study 2

Appendix A023 – Proposed Tailings Management Strategy Notes on Post Closure Settlement

Full EES

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